Wednesday, 10 December 2014

How to Find the Best Energy Audit Company for Your School in Melbourne?

Do you operate a School in Melbourne? Conducting an energy audit is highly recommended to improve your sustainability and reduce costs.  Engage an expert to complete an energy audit to determine when, where, how and why energy can be saved in your school and to find cost effective opportunities for improving efficiency.
You can find many energy efficiency consultants in Melbourne offering energy auditing services. But you should get in touch with the best energy auditor to get the best outcome for your project. Here is what you need to do (a 2-step process) to find the best energy audit company for your school in Melbourne.

Look online
Type in the search box of the major search engine like Google with the keyword ‘energy audit company in Melbourne’ and you will find a number of results below. Have a look at the websites of those companies, go through them and compare them.
The online directories can also be helpful. They enlist the names of hundreds of energy audit companies in their sites.
Whether it is the directories or the search engines, all you need to do is compare the different companies and narrow down your search.

Interview the auditor
After you have narrowed down your search to only 4-5 companies, get in touch with each one of them. Find out the name of the person who would actually be undertaking the audit for your school in Melbourne. Talk directly over the phone or arrange an F2F meeting with the auditor. Remember, the quality of the energy audit will actually depend on the ability of the person conducting the audit on the site.
Keep in mind to use this interview checklist for conducting an effective interview. The main things that are covered in the checklist include:

The person who will perform an energy audit of the site must have a strong exposure and a technical understanding of the building services equipment. The person must also be an expert mechanical or electrical engineer with excellent problem solving abilities. 

Past work

Discuss with the auditor about his or her past work. The examples that the person gives must not be the work of other employees of the firm. Moreover, the example energy audits must preferably be same as that of your building type and function. 

Ask the person when did he or she last perform an energy audit and who was the client? Ask to give the contact details of a few of his or her clients. Contact the customers and investigate how satisfied they have been with their energy audit service. 

Comprehensive audit

Find out if the auditor has the technical capability of analyzing and providing suggestions for saving energy with regards to all the aspects of the school premises. The aspects may include lighting, building fabric, air conditioning, school appliances and computers, etc. It is very common to mistakenly appoint an auditor who looks only at one or two aspects, resulting in partial or incomplete energy audit.

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